The Raatteen Portti Winter War Museum was fully renovated in 2014 and now has more than 300 square metres of museum space.

The Winter War exhibition tells about Suomussalmi before the Winter War, evacuation preparations, the impact of the bitterly cold winter on the course of the war, the fate of the Red Army, the valuable spoils of war Finland gained from Raate Road and the conditions to which people returned after the war. The exhibition includes a newly-produced documentary film scripted by Pekka Lehtosaari. The revamped outdoor exhibition area features heavy war-time materiel, including a Soviet tank involved in the Battle of Raate Road. The exhibition also features a scale model of Raate Road and a road plough which was used to clean up Raate Road after the Winter War.

Visitors can tour the exhibition on their own or hire a guide. Guided tours €60 / 1 hour (bookings one day in advance). Guided tours on sundays 90€/hour. Documentary film (14 min.) commentary in Finnish, subtitles in different languages (Fin, Swe, Eng, Ger, Rus).

Outdoor area

Cannons and military vehicles in the yard. Trails skirting an authentic battle area in surroundings with lodgings for Finnish and Soviet soldiers along the trails. A storytelling guide can provide the best insights into the military tents, Soviet dugouts, mass graves and other authentic viewpoints.