Raate Road tales and wilderness food services

How did Finnish and Soviet soldiers survive in harsh winter conditions? We look at Finnish and Soviet lodgings in real battlefield terrain and eat wartime food, we live for a while like soldiers on a Winter war time trip on Raate Road.

The Raate Road tales programme service takes visitors on a trip back in time to Winter War conditions, where we live for a while in the real surroundings in which Soviet and Finnish soldiers lived in the Raate battlefields. We cook and sample authentic wartime food and look at military history through the eyes of soldiers. We live like soldiers in authentic tents and dugouts, except we’ve nothing to fear. On this tour our chances of survival are far better than those brave Finnish and Soviet soldiers in the winter of 1939-1940.

Let us show our humble respect to all veterans and civilians in the Winter War. Hopefully tales from Raate Road will help us to live in peace in the time to come.

Raate Road tales

Hossa Visitor Centre

Hossa Visitor Centre provides information on the history of Hossa. In addition to the permanent exhibition “What the People in the Wilderness Used to Believe in”, the Visitor Centre hosts various changing exhibitions. Hossa Visitor Centre also provides information and guidance on hiking and activities in the hiking area. You can also pick up the maps, permits, rental equipment at the Centre and enjoy a cup of coffee in the café-restaurant. Come and discover a treasure trove of information.



Retikka Theatre – Culture in the wilds

Year-round cultural experiences. Summer theatre performances attract audiences by the thousands from hundreds of kilometres away.


Niitykahvila Café of the Silent People

The mystery behind Niitykahvila Café of the Silent People delights motorists driving along Highway 5. The café can be found some 30 km from Suomussalmi towards Kuusamo. Coffee and Finnish crêpes and campfire coffee are highly popular during the summer season.