Raatteen Portti Continuation War exhibition 1941-1944

Welcome to learn about the weapons, gun missiles, grenades, spirit ration bottles and many other objects dating from the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union in 1941-1944.

Visitors can touch for example, a Finland submachine gun, an “Emma” DP light machine gun or even a Maxim gun.

The weapons and missiles have been de-activated so that they are safe to handle.

The exhibition also includes gun shell and material used by the German army. Finland and Germany were brothers in arms in 1941-1944.

There are also propaganda posters, letters and cards from the front, cutlery, literature, helmets, medals, etc. on display.

It is said that “shards bring good luck”, but the real shrapnel from the gun shell, hand grenades and air bombs on display in the exhibition certainly didn’t.

The Soviet spirit rationing bottles are somehow amusing and who knows, perhaps they were originally intended to be.

Although the exhibition features just a fraction of the extensive brutal war of 1941-1944, the objects on display provide a historic reminder of the mindlessness of the time.

The changing exhibition is in the same museum premises as the Winter War exhibition. One ticket provides admission to two interesting exhibitions!