Recreation area

Lodgings for Soviet and Finnish soldiers were built at the Winter War battle sites in the environs of Raatteen Portti. Informative signboards by the side of the trails tell about local events. Outside, the artillery, tank and other wartime equipment date from the Winter War.

Visitors can even overnight in the half-platoon military tents and experience the authentic atmosphere of the Winter War. Overnighting and any lunch are subject to contract prices.

Continuation War exhibition

The Raatteen Portti museum also features an exhibition telling about the Continuation War (1941-1944). Among other things at the exhibition, visitors can test the weight of a long-range reconnaissance patroller’s rucksack and handle real de-activated weapons. Finnish, Soviet and German material and narrative. The shocking partisan attacks and trench railway, also known as the “Railway of Death”, are part of the hushed up history of the Suomussalmi area.