The events of the Winter War take on a completely different perspective with a guide. We can arrange tailored guided tours.

Example of a guided tour

Suomussalmi centre-Raate-village-Suomussalmi centre, lasts 4-5 h

Content: Winter War battles in Suomussalmi, especially the battles in Raate and the village, Raatteen Portti Winter War Museum, Frontier Guard Museum, Continuation War exhibition, local livelihoods, local life, general conditions in Suomussalmi.


Guide tours 80/90 €/hour

Groups < 20 persons 9€, School groups <5 €

Guide agency

Suomussalmi Tourist Office tel. +358 44-7773250 Military history of Raate Road and Suomussalmi

Please ask for a quote.

Nature tours

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